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Jim’s Concrete owns many pieces of equipment necessary to complete any commercial concrete job. We maintain the equipment to ensure it is ready and have backups when they are needed. In addition to our 7 boom pumps, we have one of the only remote controlled Dragon Lines (inline concrete pumping system) available on the East Coast. When we commit to doing a job, we’ll be there on time, and ready to go to work.


Jim’s Concrete focuses on the job at hand. We commit to the project and strive to maintain schedule, timely completion of projects, and product satisfaction. In doing so, our superintendents are informed and educated on the job they are assigned, in order to maintain the proper status.


Safety is a priority for Jim’s Concrete. We strive to have our employees work in the safest environment possible, and have all the safety equipment necessary to assist the environment. We also conduct regular safety meetings, and in following through with all of this, Jim’s Concrete received an award of safety excellence for 2013-2015.

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Jim’s Concrete at a Glance

Full Service

Jim’s Concrete takes the worry out of coordinating multiple contractors because we can take you from pre-construction through project close. Our managed services can begin with the foundation and end at the flatwork, covering as much or as little as you desire in the project.

High Quality

Jim’s Concrete’s core value of continuous improvement is present in every facet of commercial concrete. We consistently fit the materials, products, processes and services to each project. For over 30 years, our clients have come to trust us to create and to manage site specific quality plans in accordance with Inspection and Test Plans (ITP).


We strive to complete on time and within budget because our rigorous planning leads to a strong start. Being one of the first trades on the project, our pre-planning is critical to your success and Jim’s Concrete is exemplary in its comprehensive pre-planning.


Jim’s Concrete is more than safety conscious – safety is more than a set of procedures and meetings – it’s in us down to our DNA. We create and manage site specific Health, Safety, and Environmental safety programs. We have safety meetings that take place on a weekly basis called toolbox safety. This is to help our employees to stay fresh with ways to avoid dangerous and hazardous situations. We also conduct annual meetings with our insurance company with all of our employees involved to help them understand where we stand as a company and the importance of safety.

Jim's Concrete's field superintendents are all OSHA-30 certified and have ACI certified concrete finishers.

Experts in Concrete

With over 30 years in delivering the highest quality commercial concrete services in the industry, we have more than sufficient experience to delight any technically demanding and safety sensitive clients.